Thursday, 15 November 2007

Its a big world! Will I fit in?

As any good programmer learning a new language would do, I began my blog page by the ubiquitous "Hello World!" post last week and in that, I had said I would return with posts soon. And here I am presenting to you my second post - a blog about the enormous blogosphere and my induction into it:

For some months now, I have been wondering whether I should start my own blog page at all. I used to have diary in which I would record the daily events and happenings in my life. While travelling, I used to carry a book around making note of things that interested me. A friend of mine had read one of my travelogues and suggested that I start a blog page so that my thoughts could be shared with the world. But was I ready to start a blog page? I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have something where you could share your thoughts and experiences with the whole of the world. It would be tremendous to discover about the thoughts of fellow bloggers and learning from their ideas and experiences, building upon them and writing your own posts, etc. All this seemed real fun. But there was a flip side- just like any big decision in life, having your own blog page needed a lot of commitment. I would have to think of topics to post, give time drafting them, editing them and all that.

But the main question that remained unanswered was - "What am I going to write on my blog page?" All conceivable topics that I could think of had already been written about by bloggers all over the world. Even the new ones would not have been spared. And who would want to read my posts anyway?

It was with all these apprehensions that I just kept procrastinizing opening my blog page. I just used to read blogs and enjoy the way people had given colour to their thoughts by posting them on blogpages. During this time, I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers. Even he had the same concerns that I had mentioned about a blog page. But he had given a wonderful analogy which helped me realise something very significant - Almost all movies have more or less the same theme, girl meets boy, they fall in love, there is a villan in way, finally he gets killed and the couple lives happily ever after .... But still there is a difference in the way its narrated. And thats what makes us want to watch all of them- That was it! Even though there were so many posts in the web, depending on the way it was narrated, we would choose our favorites.

I know it will be a tough path. And I can be sure that my narrative is not the best in the world. But the entire spirit of human race is in not giving up and trying to improve. I will try my every bit to make my blogs interesting. And it is here that I need help from the whole lot of you out there. If you ever get time, just visit my adda once in a while and feel free to leave your comments. I really appreciate each one of them.


Anantha said...

I agree wid ur agreement [:)] abt keeping the narration different on any topic to make ur blog unique...

But lemme tell u, every individual is unique and has unique perspective abt things s/he sees/feels/experiences..

JUST BE NATURAL, I BET U'LL BE ORIGINAL.. take my words in writing

Shashia said...

Thanks a lot anantha. It is so encouraging that you feel so