Saturday, 10 January 2009

New year Post 2009

I am back writing a post after a very long time. To all the readers of my blog, I would like to wish a very happy and prosperous new year 2009. I know it is too late to wish but isn't it always better late than never?

To me, the year that went by was very bad but it didn't do much good to others either. There were a lot of significant events that happened during the past year in my life. But the one thing that just stays when I think of 2008 would be just frustration and boredom - all the expectations in life just went with the wind leaving me with just stress and exhaustion at the end of the year.

Globally too the year 2008 didn't do anything good either. Though we saw the glory of the Chinese hosting the Olympics, the big-bang recreation hype, Obama's landslide win in US, the Indo-US nuclear deal coming through among other nice things, the bitterness it offered were in gigantic proportions- the economic recession grounding almost all countries into a halt, the job-cuts, big companies biting the dust, sensex crashing and all that left a lot to be desired.

When I think of 2008 as a year from a global point of view, one nice Kannada proverb comes to my mind - ella banna masi nungithu. It means all colours were engulfed by the dreaded black. It is often used to describe the one bad thing that just weighs down all the good things that one has done similar to how a nice painting with so many rich and brilliant colours can be spoilt in a second by greasing it with black. So what are those dark black incidents that the past year was engulfed with?

Yes, it was indeed terrorism. Just like one bad deed can undo all the good that the person has done, the acts of terror and war have definitely charred all the good things that the past year got with it. Those dastardly acts in the name of religion and country have just created hatred and tarnished the year 2008.

2009 has a lot to look forward to. Lets hope this year brings happiness and prosperity to everyone. I know the economic recession is here to stay, but now that we know that times ahead are tough, let us all stand united and face it than keep complaining about it. I wish there will be no more bad incidents that tarnish the year. On the personal front too, I have planned to make this year a significant one in my life by sticking to my plans and resolutions. So I wish that happens. Once again, I wish you all a very happy and fantastic year ahead. I plan to post more articles this year. So keep watching this space for more.