Friday, 4 May 2012

Parting note

Today, I cross one more milestone in the journey called Life. The ride in these two years has been really eventful and satisfying. After having stayed at home for almost all my life, I stepped into a remotely located premier institute of India to do my post graduation. It was a completely different experience with a sudden exposure to an entirely different culture and way of life. And as I sign out of here today, I can now boast of having achieved so many firsts in the two years – hostel stay, mess food, night outs (for both studies and for fun), organizing and participating in events, the legendary fun group at hostel, and the new learnings. When I left my previous organization, this was the last mail which I had written:
(reproduced here after minor modifications)


From: (maama's mail ID)(Nokia-MS/Bangalore)
Sent: July XX, 2010 XX:XX AM
Subject: One last mail from (last_name) (first_name).(initials of middle name) :)

Dear friends,
After finishing three eventful here in this esteemed organization, it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to all of you – my wonderful colleagues. You have made my stay here truly memorable.

I always used to wonder what emotion would be the foremost in people’s minds when leaving an organization where they spend a long time – pain? Excitement? Nostalgia? Joy of a new prospect? – I could never narrow it down to one of them and thought it to be a mixture of all of them. But as I sign off from here today, I am filled with one overwhelming emotion – gratitude towards one and all for all the things you have taught me.

Life is a wonderful learning journey and the last three years in my life here have been the most enriching and fulfilling learning experiences in my life. From a fresher right out of college in 2007 till today, this company has taught me so many valuable lessons - be it the merger in 2009, the re-orgs, the celebrations, the all-hands meets, the frugal expenditure budgets during tough times, the long cab journeys - each one of these have left a lasting impression on my mind.

I don’t carry grudges, I don’t carry bitter moments, and I don’t carry the sad moments. I don’t carry the frustrations and disappointments. All that I can carry from here (apart from the salary :)) are the learning experiences. Each and every day of my stay here has taught me something new and made me a better person overall. If I have erred or hurt any of you, then please consider it as unintended mistake from a learner and accept my apology.

You are really special to me and have taught me something - thank you! Wish you all the very best in life and hope that our paths cross in the future. Please stay in touch.

(maama's name)
[“shraddhavan labhate jnyaanam” – A dedicated person begets knowledge]
PS : Please bear with me if the mail is too long for you. I will not be doing it again :)

I thought the parting emotions could be quite different from whatever I had experienced then - the practical life learnings over here were much more than what I learnt while I was working and staying at my home. However, even now, the overwhelming emotion when I am leaving is still the same – gratitude towards every person who has taught me things in life – the professors, friends, seniors, anyone and everyone who gave some kind of ‘gyaan’! Thank you everyone for all the lessons you have taught me, and forgive me if I unknowingly have erred in any manner. Continue to learn and enjoy life all the time. Wishing you all the best for the journey of life!