Thursday, 11 September 2008

Living after death (part 1 of 3)

"This bus-shelter is provided by Honorable MP Sri Jaffer Sheriff under MPLAD scheme"

I was looking out through the window of my cab while coming back form office when I spotted the above line at a bus-stop. It was raining a little and many people were standing under it. The shelter itself was in a very bad shape. The roof of the shelter was leaking at some places and people were getting wet and murmuring to themselves. Before I could observe any further, the cab sped away at the green light and I got back to doing what I do best on the cab- doze off :-)

Today I remember that incident in context of today's leaders. There are banners and poster projecting themselves as super-heroes. They engrave their names on fly-overs, at bus-stops, near airports and whatever they can find space on. Sometimes, they are not even responsible for initiating these development works. In most of the cases, they are just lucky to be in power when the project is inaugurated, as was the case of the new airport. Yet, they shamelessly project themselves as saviors of the country when they cannot even think beyond the next elections.

Jaffer Sherrif, Ananth Kumar, HT Sangliyana, and many others are still alive and into active politics. They have their names put up on as many hoardings / bus-stops / flyovers as you can find in the city. Yet, how many of these visit such dilapidated structures and reconstruct them? In another five or ten years, how many of us would ever remember that these were our leaders? Will we ever remember that they lived at all?

In how many ways can a person live after death?
[....continued in the next post] [Part 1 of three]


Saravanan said...

In how many ways can a person live after death?

I guess we have not forgotten Gandhiji.. The best way to remember is put their photos on Indian Rupee Notes :)..

On a serious note, people are remembered for their deeds. If an individual helps someone or does something good for others then he/she will be remembered after death.

Ravi said...

Although i haven't read part two and three of the article i'm tempted to write this comment-Another way of living after death is by doing something atrocious or completely insane. Remember Hitler??

Shashia said...


Yes...People are indeed remembered for their deeds -That was the purpose of this article. You got it right within the first part :)

Yes. Even that way, people live on after death. But as a bad memory.