Friday, 14 November 2008

Let us not Understand!

Calvin: Dad, What will you present to me on my birthday?
Dad: Nothing Calvin. This year it will just be chocolates and sweets.

Calvin: But Dad, last year you bought me a nice bicycle, a wonderful T-Shirt and so many nice goodies. Why nothing this year?

Dad: It's the recession, Calvin. This year the whole world is experiencing a slowdown. I got a nice festival bonus and so many other perks last year and a promotion too. I had nice offers from other companies too. But all of a sudden, my company seems so unstable and the others don’t need me either. Everyone is obsessed with cutting costs and firing people.

Calvin: But why has this recession thing happened all of a sudden? Why cannot companies tackle this issue and the world be as nice as ever?

Dad: You are still a child Calvin, you won't understand

Munnu: Madam, It is always good be honest in life. Isn't it?

Teacher: Yes Munnu, you are right. You should always tell the truth. You should never conspire against anyone or talk behind their back. Whatever you feel about someone you should tell it directly to them. Being honest will always be rewarding.

Munnu: But why did the maths teacher spank me very badly when I was honest to her that I had not done my homework?

Teacher: She was just trying to make you a good boy, Munnu. You are still a child. You won't understand.
Chutki: O learned Sir, Don’t you always say that God created all the human beings equally? That God loves all His children regardless of whether they are rich or poor, white or black?

Temple Priest: Yes Child, you are right. The creator never differentiates his children. No one is special and no one is ignored by Him. We all are His children.

Chutki: Then why are upper castes given preference in this temple than the Dalits? Why are they not allowed in through the main gate? Why should they wait for "Aaarti" till all the upper castes have finished their prayers?

Temple Priest: It is all a tradition Chutki. You still a child. You won't understand.

Gullu: All your colleagues tell me that you are a terrific manager. You always get the work done in time and never miss any deadlines. You understand the customer's needs well and respond to the same. Is it so, sister?

Manager: (proudly) Yes Gullu, I work hard to get all the work done in time. I always ask my team members to put in that "extra" effort to deliver a quality product. I treat them as my family members and don’t mind calling them to work even on weekends. You see, delivering the product on time with quality is more important to the business than regretting it later.

Gullu: Yes Sister, but most of your team members also complain that you never let them rest. You never let them take their normal leaves and their rightful rest after a hard days work. You always stress them out with work even after projects are delivered and threaten them with bad appraisals if they don’t listen to you. Isn't that wrong?

Manager: (defensively) No Gullu, it is always essential to put the customer and business first. The employees can rest after all the work is done. Besides, meeting the deadlines and delivering quality on time is important. You should realize that.

Gullu: But what will happen if you relax the deadlines a little and allow your workers some rest. Don’t you think that will motivate them to work harder?

Manager: No my dear Gullu, you are still a child. You won't understand.

Little John: Father, You tell us that there is only one God but there are different paths to reach Him. Right?

Father: Yes my son that’s true. All religions are equal. They only help us in different ways to reach the ultimate God.

Little John: Then, anyone in this world can follow any religion and attain God. Right, Father?

Father: Yes John, You are right.

Little John: Then why do non-stop conversions happen all over the world everyday? And why is there so much killings of people in the name of religion? Why do people induce terror in people and carry out large scale destruction of lives and property?

Father: Dear John, you are still a child. You won't understand.

Calvin : Mr. President. You told us that you have started on a journey to end terrorism in this world right?

Bush: Yes Calvin, that’s true.

Calvin: So you attacked Iraq as you suspected they had weapons of mass destruction. Did you find any of them in Iraq?

Bush: No Calvin. But you realize that we are a ……

Calvin: Oh, stop it you dumb head! Were you ATLEAST successful in curbing terrorism in the world?

Bush: No Calvin. But you see America is great country and …

Calvin: Whatever! And in spite of all these failures you still think you are the best?

Bush: You wont realize that Calvin. You are still a child.

Baalak: Raj Saheb, you do realize that India is a country with lots and lots of diversity right? That inspite of all this, we are a united nation.

Raaj: Yes Baalak, you are right. Bharat Mata is great. I am proud to be born in this nation, especially in Maharastra, the nation's best state.

Baalak: But each and every state in India is unique in its own way Right? Anyone in this country has the right to reside in any part of the nation. A Marathi can go to Bangalore and work for an IT company; A fisherman's son from Rameshwaram can go on and stay at Rashtrapathi Bhavan; A young and hardworking lad from Gujarat can go on and make a big industrial empire in Bombay; A courageous cricketer from Bengal can lead the whole country against the best of the world. With so much happening all over that shows us that we all stand and rise only if we are united, why do you try breaking the country in terms of states?

Raaj: You must understand son, that I am against people from other states snatching jobs from localites. I am not against everybody.

Baalak: But look at what is happening because of you. You are instigating the peace and harmony in India's largest city. The people of the city who have collectively braved bomb blasts, heavy rains, stock markets over the years and managed to stand tall are now shooting everyone in sight and killing one another. You have ruined Mumbai.

Raaj: You will not understand it son. You are still a child.
Calvin: Hobbes, these people are so complicated. They spoil all good things in life and finally blame it on others. If growing up means facing up the harsh realities of life and losing common sense, I will never grow up.

Hobbes: You bet, Calvin. Everyone would want that!
Today is November 14th - celebrated as children's day in India. We are at our best as children - observing all the miracles of the world with acute sense; wanting to be cared and loved all the time; having a desire to scale great heights; having fun all the time and questioning all the things in sight. Let us salute the spirit of that cute and innocent childhood and try and be as enthusiastic as children always in life. Happy children's day to all!


Anonymous said...

Bravo Shashi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent article:)

I like the way you have described the recent happenings all over the world from a child's perspective.
Wish everybody in this world can think innocently and harmlessly like a child

Saravanan said...

Cool stuff dude!!!

I liked the manager stuff.. Calvin.. OMG!!

You can start a strip called Mama's Adventures!!! It would rock!! Honest suggestion.. Hope you consider it..

Karthik Kashyap said...

Awesome stuff man! keep up the good writing! ;)

Shashia said...

I second your hopes. The world would be lot better if everyone thought like children :)

Thanks, I am considering that seriously. Perhaps R K Laxman could help with ideas :)

Thanks for the comment dude! I am glad I have new reader. Keep visiting! :)

Anantha said...


nice correlation. I liked it.

But have a suggestion, please cut down the length of the posts.. try trimming it or post it in parts...

Shashia said...

@Ananth anna,
Thanks for the suggestion. It makes real sense.

The problem is most of the times I force myself to make time to write something and when I write, it comes out so long. Will try and shorten it from now on.