Monday, 13 April 2009

My Initiative

The elections for the Lok Sabha are happening on the 23 rd of this month. When I asked a few friends of mine about their awareness about the current elections, I found out that many people were ignorant or had turned a blind eye to the happenings around their area.

This being the case, I thought of creating a one-stop site that consisted of all the information about the candidates contesting the elections in Bangalore, the mapping of assembly and parliamentary constituencies and a few tips on "smart voting". Though this has taken so much of time, there is still lots of scope for improvement.

The link to the site is:

Please check this out and let me know your valuable comments.


Anantha said...

Shashi mam,

It is really a very useful initiative. The site [simple and neat] either has/leads to all the required info for Bangalore voters.

Though I have been keeping a track of contestants from major parties in my constituency, I never knew there were so many lesser known independent candidates contesting.

Gr8 work Shashi...

Shashia said...


Thanks a lot for your comments. I only wish more people vote for a change this time.

Santosh said...
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Santosh said...

good job maga... proud of u... I tried looking for candidates contesting from Bangalore Rural but couldn't find 'em... thanks to this page could find it all !!

Saravanan said...

Very good job bro.. Keep it up.. I wish your aim is achieved..

Rohit said...

Excellent work!! I'm really happy someone took the pains to do this. Thanks a lot.

Shashia said...

If you have anything more to add to this page, suggest man.

@Saravanan, Rohit
Thanks a lot for your good wishes

Anonymous said...

Hey hi nikhil here. . I appreciate your effort. We should make the voting campaign as visible as possible at all junctions. Hope the youth wil vote in mass numbers this time. Only educated persons can bring the right people to power and this is high time to achieve our dream of a developed nation by 2020

raghavendra s said...

Hello Shashi,

Great intiative i would say.. I had this in mind of doing.. but now i don't think of doing that ill just forward this link to all.
I hope from now new ideas will keep coming for shaping up new country..

raghavendra s said...
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akka :) said...

Hi Shashi,
Needless to say,great work!You must have put in some amazing amount of effort.More of us educated people should learn from you & show this kind of social consciousness.Hats off!

Sriram said...

Thanks for your informative website on the 2009 elections. I was not able to quickly find a clear mapping between the assembly and Lok Sabha constituency anywhere on the web(yes, I searched the Karnataka CEC website). You had it!

I'm planning to vote for the first time, and I'm over 30 :)

DP said...

Its a very good initiative that you have taken in bringing awareness among the people. I too was in the confusion and no knowledge of who is contesting where, but not anymore.
One request - kindly correct the spell mistakes ( e.g. Bangalore is misspelled in many places )
Thank you.

Pradeep said...

Great work..

Many of us were looking for a place to find out about the candidates. Thanks for the effort and thanks to Santhosh for forwarding this link..

Sowmya said...

It is a very good one. Many people will get a clear information about the candidates of the respective area.

Shashia said...


Thanks a lot for your overwhelming response to this. I just hope this will translate into more people turning out to exercise their right tomorrow.

It is really good to know that you have decided to vote this time. I just hope that this page helped you make the right decision

I am sorry for the typos in spelling our city and others. You must excuse me as I did this over a weekend just to make sure the information reached out to the voters. It is now corrected. If you find any more of such, please let me know.

rakshith said...

hi just show the bangalore neat